Brian Eno – I’ll Come Running (1975)

February 10, 2020 – Day 232

“I’ll Come Running” is a glimpse at a possible alternate path for Brian Eno. A love song with quirky lyrics from (then recently) former Roxy Music synthesizer player and future ambient music trailblazer (not to mention David Bowie and Talking Heads producer), shows he had a possible future as a rock star, but he rightfully took a different path. The song from 1975’s “Another Green World” is not quite as glam rock as some of the songs on his first few solo albums but it’s definitely artistic pop music – the guitars are played with mallets and made to sound something like castanet percussion. A fuzzy guitar played by Robert Fripp (of King Crimson) ties the song together. “Just watching patiently from the window / Just waiting seasons change, some day / Oh, oh, my dreams will pull you through that garden gate.”

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