Emm Gryner – The Day We Hit The Coast (2001)

March 10, 2020 – Day 261

Thrush Hermit was one of the bands signed by a major label in the post Nirvana alternative music boom. They didn’t make a splash and Elektra bought them out of their contract, freeing them to release their swan song “Clayton Park” on Hamilton, Ontario’s Sonic Unyon Records. Strong songwriting, especially for the two singles released from the album has cemented the record’s place in Canadian rock history, regularly mentioned on best Canadian album lists. The second single “The Day We Hit The Coast” was recorded by fellow Canadian Emm Gryner as the closing track to her album called “Girl Versions” – an album where rock, punk and metal songs written by men were performed on piano. Joel Plaskett’s melodies and lyrics sound great as a piano pop epic. “I’m going down to the river, I’m going down to the river / Walking on the rocks in the water, I’m going down to the river / I felt the cool commotion, as it poured into the ocean”

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