Joel Plaskett Emergency – Down At The Khyber (2001)

March 11, 2020 – Day 262

Joel Plaskett likes to interpolate similar songs into the simple power chord progression when performing “Down At The Khyber” live and even has a line in the song referring to the familiarity singing “if it feels just like a toss off, perhaps it is… perhaps it ain’t.” But it’s all in the delivery, as demonstrated in the HBO show Vinyl where one of the characters plays a bunch of songs in a row which use the chord progression of E A D. Luckily, delivery is Plaskett’s specialty and this is a special song about a special place to Plaskett, and artist run center in an historical building in Halifax called The Khyber. “I met my love down at the Khyber / And we drifted through the crowd / When I finally lay down beside her / You could hear my heart out loud”

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