Johnny Cash – I Want To Go Home (1959)

October 3, 2019 – Day 125

“The John B. Sails” is an old Bahamian folk song that was first published in 1916 by English author and poet Richard Le Gallienne. It has been recorded by many artists, including The Kingston Trio as “(The Wreck of The) ‘John B'” on their debut album which went to #1 on Billboard charts and directly influenced the first single off of The Beach Boys “Pet Sounds” which was released under “Sloop John B.” In between these two renditions, Johnny Cash released the song as “I Want To Go Home.” on his sixth album “Songs of the Soil.” Johnny’s version is much simpler than the Beach Boys elaborate harmony filled version, but the contrast reveals what a great song it is at its core. Johnny was apparently fascinated with death at this point in his career due to his brother’s death and also due to a drug addiction he was dealing with at the time, so this song of a terrible boat trip fit right in with his mood and the other songs on the album. “Let me go home why don’t you let me go home / Well this is the worst trip since I have been born”

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