Julie Doiron – Spill Yer Lungs (2009)

March 18, 2020 – Day 269

“Spill Yer Lungs” is singer-songwriter confessional, set to fuzz guitars. Julie Doiron has a prolific career including stints in multiple bands – two former bandmates pitched in on this part, Rick White and Frederick Squire from Eric’s Trip and Calm Down It’s Monday, respectively. Rick acts as Producer on this album and plays bass on the track and Fred is the songwriter and drummer. Fred’s words are about a moment in time, an infectious relationship which he knows won’t last forever. Julie and Fred later went on to play in short lived folk trio “Daniel, Fred & Julie” (with Daniel Romano) and rumours say the split was acrimonious. Maybe the song was about Julie. “Maybe I should have mentioned that I was not / Built for this kind of loving / But we’re gonna chase each other around this town for nothing”

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