Natalie Prass – My Baby Don’t Understand Me (2015)

Februrary 13, 2020 – Day 235

Natalie Prass released a live EP of mostly covers but the lead track is a performance of “My Baby Don’t Understand Me” which is taken from her debut album. The LP was released in 2015 but recorded in 2012, strangely delayed due to the release of her friend and producer Matthew E. White’s debut album being released to critical acclaim. Three years is a long time, and the vocal performance on this live version feels more powerful, focused and authentic. Natalie needs to carry the song more on this live edition than she does in the studio because the horn and string arrangement is replaced with a stripped down band a wurlitzer. She delivers, with more vibrato, and more variety in the delivery of the refrain of “Our love is a long goodbye” which builds the song to the climax. “Our love is like a long goodbye / We keep waiting for the train to cry / Because my baby don’t understand me / He doesn’t understand me anymore”

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