Neil Young – I Want To Drive My Car (Solo) (2014)

October 1, 2019 – Day 123

Neil Young said of his 2014 album Storytone: “These songs were written during a period of profound change in my life. Everything I want to share is there.” The album was released in 3 formats, a version with Big Band and Orchestral performances of the songs, a stripped down solo album which features Neil with his harmonica, acoustic guitar, piano and banjo, and a third version was a blend of the two called “Mixed Pages”. The “profound change” Neil referenced was his divorce from his longtime wife Pegi Young and his new relationship with his current wife Daryl Hannah. The two people in his life appear to be represented by the different styles on the album: a dirty blues riff on the solo album or a “Big Band” song on the original release represents Pegi and banjo/piano or Orchestral represents Daryl. I won’t get into lyrical comparisons but, like Neil said, everything he wants to share is in there. Give it a listen. I prefer the solo version of the album because the songs have a feeling of authenticity and from the gut. “I Want To Drive My Car” opens with a dirty blues riff and then Neil begins to sing… but we’ve never heard this Neil before. It sounds like he this is a middle of the night first take. His voice is cracking, he sounds tired and worn down: an eventuality that has been on his mind is no longer in the future. He needs a place to go, now. Storytone is an overlooked classic in Neil’s body of work. “I want to drive my car, I want to drive my car / Further and further on down the road / I want to drive my car”

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