Nick Lowe – The Beast In Me (1994)

March 16, 2020 – Day 267

“The Beast In Me” had a long gestation period. Nick Lowe began writing the song for his step father in law Johnny Cash, aided by multiple bottles of wine. The next morning, hungover, he found that his wife, Carlene Carter, had told The Man in Black about the song and Lowe was to play it for him. By Lowe’s account, the performance did not go well – Johnny told him the song needed more work. However, he continued to ask Lowe if it was finished every time they saw each other. Many years later, well over a decade, in fact, Nick Lowe did complete the song and sent a recording of it to Johnny, who recorded the song for his 81st (!!!) album, American Recordings. Nick Lowe released the demo he sent to Johnny on his album “The Impossible Bird.” “Sometimes / It tries to kid me that it’s just a teddy bear / Or even somehow managed / To vanish in the air”

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