Old Man Luedecke – I Wanna Go (2019)

October 7, 2019 – Day 129

Old Man Luedecke isn’t old but I guess he’s just thinking ahead. He has 8 albums over a 15+ year solo career so I reckon he’s about halfway there to true old man status. Luedecke won a Canadian Juno award for a few of his albums and if you listen to his music you can see why. “I Wanna Go” is a perfect example of his brand of folk music, someone who “went to the valley to pray” but “got drunk there and slept all day.” Luedecke lives in a small town in Nova Scotia but recorded the album “Easy Money” from which this song is taken at Hotel2Tango studio in Montreal, Quebec, collaborating with local folk musicians. “I’ve never been a pilgrim, I’ve never been a saint. I could tell you all the things I’ve tried but I ain’t.”

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