Stephen Stills – Church (Part Of Someone) (1970)

February 4, 2020 – Day 226

Following CSNY’s album “Deja Vu” which went on to sell millions of albums. All four musicians recorded critically and commercially successful albums in the year following the release of the album, Stills being first out of the gate, and it was full of high profile musicians. “Church (Pt. Of Someone)” doesn’t boast any of the big names from the rest of the album but it stands well on its own, carried by a confident but restrained (for Stills, who always seemed to love the spotlight) lead vocal backed by a gospel choir and a nice string arrangement. An incredible CSNY fantasy album can be assembled from this album, Nash’s “Songs For Beginners” Crosby’s “If I Could Only Remember My Name” and Young’s “After The Gold Rush.” The album that never was would’ve sounded good with this track as the final track on side 4. “And you know that the self made man, babe / Is truly shallow he knows he’s no one but who he wants to be”

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