Tom Verlaine – Pillow (1990)

February 7, 2020 – Day 229

There’s plenty of what made Television’s first two albums great – guitar heroics, great melodies and clever lyrics – in Tom Verlaine’s discography. He never quite broke out as a solo artist but not from a lack of great material. In 1992 Television reformed with a great album – the early 90s must have been a potent artistic time for him because he released two solo albums just prior to the Television reformation. 1990s “The Wonder” was full of great melodies and focused songwriting with tons of hooks. “Pillow” is a perfect example of 1990 music – a synthy tune with punchy drums and a big guitar solo. Verlaine’s abstract lyrics feel poignant but he’d have to tell me what they mean. I’d guess it’s pillow talk. “Time is a stupid thing. That’s what you read to me. / Watching the birdies fly, / You whispered, “I could die, ” / As I recall; it’s really nothing.”

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