Ween – Ocean Man (1997)

March 15, 2020 – Day 266

Sometimes you need a laugh and it’s a bonus if the music is good as well. Ween took a left turn in their career and headed to Nashville to hire some studio musicians to recreate the sound of classic country to accompany their blue material. Mission accomplished – and Dean and Gene also had a secondary motive of using the album and the new setting as a way to get control of their band again – they wanted their equipment back from producer and mentor Andrew Weiss to try and get back to their own vision of the band, which they did on “The Mollusk,” a creative fertile time for them. “Ocean Man” is just a great catchy song, the type (and Ween has many of these” which makes you forget you’re listening to a comedy band – they’re actually great songwriters. “Ocean man, take me by the hand, lead me to the land that you understand / Ocean man, the voyage to the corner of the globe is a real trip”

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